Terms and Conditions

Swiftway Services LLC

By paying Swiftway Services LLC services your deposit you agree to be bound by Swiftway Services LLC’s Terms & Conditions. It is your responsibility to check and be aware of all Terms and Conditions. You can review the most current version of our Terms & Conditions at any time on this page. Your paid deposit date adheres to the terms and conditions on said date of your paid deposit. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service.

Swiftway Services LLC’s Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions, last updated Friday, January 14, 2022

 Cost of service & payment terms

Deposit payment

  • To secure your move date, binding quote, flat rate fee and your requested moving services, a $100 dollar deposit is required on booking.
  • You have 2 days to pay your deposit without your move date and binding quote flat rate fee being subject to availability and change. Swiftway Services LLC reserves the right to change the original quoted flat rate fee on the customers requested services if the customer does not pay their deposit in 2 days. The flat rate fee is subject to change due to peak moving days, customer time window request and availability.
  • If your quoted move is greater than $3,000 dollars a 20% deposit of your total quoted moving fee is required on booking to secure your move date and your requested moving services.
  • All deposit and payments are to be paid electronically via the secure payment link shared with you, or over the phone or by your signed bill of lading. We accept all major credit/debit cards, Master Card, AMEX and Discover.
  • Your deposit is fully refundable up to 5 business day prior to your move day if you request in writing via email that you wish to cancel your services with Swiftway Services LLC. Allow for 5 business days for the process for Swiftway Services LLC to refund your deposit. For example, if your move day is on a Saturday and you would like to cancel your move you must cancel on Monday afternoon to have your deposit fully refunded. If you cancel on the Tuesday which is within 48 hours prior to your move, your deposit will not be refunded. For Saturday and Sunday moving dates, Thursday close of business is the cutoff to cancel and be fully refunded the deposit amount.
  • If you request a refund either the day of your move, or within 3 business day before your move date, you will not be refunded your deposit.
  • Trucks:  You are guaranteed that your minimum truck size will be a 16’ or 24’ box truck depending your booking details.  We do not guarantee that all of your items will fit in one full truckload. Please provide as much information about your inventory when scheduling your move so that our representative can be accurate with the estimate of time and cargo space needed for your service
  • Swiftway Services LLC reserve the right to add an extra crew member or Truck to your move at our discretion.  The cost for an extra employee is only $40/hr and extra truck starts at $120 and availability will be determined solely by Swiftway Services LLC.  We cannot guarantee that we will have the resources available for this extra employee or truck until the day of your move.


  • Flat Rate Inventory Rate:  Flat rate inventory prices are based on detailed, listed quantity of items and inventory, stairs, distance, time, fuel etc.  Additional items or services will result in additional fees or rate adjustment. Any and all changes to move information on the day of the move including, but not limited to, additional stairs or steps, additional stops, additional trips, change of zip code, long walks to load or unload (over 50 feet), any non-standard or specialty items, over-weight or over-sized items, not written/included in the original confirmation and estimate will result in individual additional fees and/or the move rate adjusted to the standard hourly rate of $189 per hour (4 hr Min) or $55 per additional

Outstanding balance payment

  • The remaining balance of your invoice is due 2 business day prior to your move date. Swiftway Services LLC cannot move you unless the remaining balance of your invoice has been received.
  • We accept cash, bank certified check and all major credit and debit cards for the remaining balance of your invoice.
  • If you have opted to pay cash or certified check on the day of your move, you must in writing notify Swiftway Services LLC when you receive your invoice and or during the booking process.
  • The remaining balance of your invoice is due to Swiftway Services LLC or its agent or representatives prior to completion or at arrival or prior to your destination.  Swiftway Services LLC will not begin moving, loading or unloading the truck with your belongings unless payment has been made first.
  • If any outstanding payment is not made, you will subjected to debt collection and/or legal action and you will incur all additional fees of said attempt to collect  such debt.


  • You authorize Swiftway Services LLC to charge the credit card provided according to the terms outlined in this document. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described   on this moving estimate, for the amount indicated, and is valid for payment for terms and  services.  I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with  my credit card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms  indicated in this form and the accompanying order for service or bill of lading.

GRATUITY:  On moving day, the actual moving is a service provided by the men doing the move, and tips are not required, but are greatly appreciated. A reasonable Tip is 10-20% of the bill per crew depending on the factors of the move. Factors to consider are size and difficulty of move, the time it takes to complete the move, weather conditions on the day of the move, and the quality and care of the service provided.

Cancellations and Moving Date Changes

Our reservations calendar is critical to our success at Swiftway Services LLC it controls the staffing of jobs, and our ability to provide accurate estimates. Changes to our reservations calendar have a ripple effect in our business systems and can affect other customers. That being said, we do understand that things come up. We tailored this policy to ensure that we can appropriately cover expenses associated with allocation of resources for the upcoming move, and to ensure that our existing customers continue to receive the expected quality of service. The reschedule fees and the minimum time required to make changes without sustaining a fee are meant to encourage our customers to make changes in a way that minimizes the ripple effect on the business. Securing a reservation with your deposit means you accept the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy that applies towards your move.
1. Cancellations. Cancellations of your move must be 5 business days prior to the move date, and must be in writing through e-mail, otherwise there will be a cancellation fee of $200.00. (Deposit remains non-refundable).
2. Reschedules. Customers may reschedule their move at least 72 hours prior to the move to avoid a reschedule penalty of $100. Your move will be rescheduled based on our availability. There is NO penalty for rescheduling 72 hours or more prior to the move.
3. Cancellation/Reschedule on the Day of the Move. Customers who cancel/reschedule their move on the day of the move will be charged minimum  job quoted charges .

We have instituted this policy to minimize the impact of loss opportunities, wages,
fuel and vehicles amortization which impact our ability to sustain an efficient operation.
These fees do not apply if the rescheduling is due to an Act of God (blizzard, terrorism, collapsed bridges }

Additional charges

  • If on the day of your move, you have more items that are not reflected on your quoted and original inventory list you will be provided with an updated quote for moving the additional items. For Swiftway Services LLC to move your additional items you will be required to review your updated quote and will be charged an additional moving fee for those items.
  • We tolerate UPTO +/- 5% discrepancy in the inventory list on the day of the move however if there is a significant number of additional items and large items that were not quoted for, our moving crew will inform you and will contact a Swiftway Services LLC Sales Representative to quote and charge for the additional items.
  • Payment for the additional items can be made over the phone, we accept all major credit and debit cards.
  • If payment for the additional items will be using cash, payment must be made prior to the move beginning.
  • We cannot move your additional items unless that additional item fee is paid at that time for your additional items.
  • If there is no parking within 150 feet of the entrance of the pickup and drop off locations, an excessive carrying and pushing fee is applicable depending on volume and distance. The moving crew will advise the customer of this and inform the moving consultant who booked this service for the customer to charge the additional fee, this depends on the volume of your move, with the maximum fee of $300.
  • Payment of parking tickets are the responsibility of the customer and NOT Swiftway Services LLC.
  • In a jurisdiction where a customer can obtain a parking permit prior to the move, Swiftway Services LLC will inform the customer on how they can do so, for a small fee which will be paid to their local government. This is applicable in Maryland.  The customer will be responsible for fulfilling this requirement and completing the process with the appropriate local government authorities.
  • if the drop off destination is correctly provided at the time of booking, your guaranteed flat rate fee includes fuel and mileage. For any additional after 5 miles Swiftway Services LLChas to travel to complete services that were not originally account for an additional fuel and mileage fee will be applied.

Storage Services Billing

  • Swiftway Services LLC only accepts valid credit and debit cards to process storage move in, partial move out and move services, and monthly storage billing. Cash and Certified bank checks are not accepted payment methods for storage services.
  • Payment for all storage services (move in, partial move out, move out and monthly storage fees) are to be made and processed on Swiftway Services LLC payment portal which is securely connected to Swiftway Services LLC merchant processor account. Credit and debit card payment can also be processed over the phone with a Swiftway Services LLC representative.
  • The customer guarantees and warrants that they are the legal card holder of the credit/debit card used on Swiftway Services LLC payment portal and or over the phone with a Swiftway Services representative.
  • The card details provided by the customer for all Swiftway Services LLC Storage Services via Swiftway Services LLC payment portal or over the phone will be securely saved via encrypted token and used to charge, possibly in advance (24-72 hours) of the customers indicated move date, above indicated fee associated with the services related thereto, the Guaranteed Price, or recurring fees, as established within any prior or subsequent Storage Agreement or other document regarding the storage of the shipment, or portion thereof, as identified herein, including, if necessary, adjustments for any changes to my inventory or any other charges or fees referenced within the relevant Binding Estimate, Order for Service, Bill of Lading and/or Contract for Residential, Commercial Shipments, or Storage Contract.
  • All storage services (move in, out, partial move out and monthly storage fees) are subject to Maryland Sales Tax will be provided at the bottom of each invoice and payment of Maryland State Sales Tax must be made in full for such services and is due with the total cost of service.
  • All monthly storage fees include Maryland State Sales Tax and will be automatically processed every month on the customers original storage move-in-date, using the customer’s card on file used to process their storage move in service.
  • If the customer’s card is declined due to insufficient funds, a cancelled card or other the customer will be sent a reminder email with payment portal details to process the outstanding balance which will update to the new card details provided for future monthly storage fees can be automatically processed. If payment is not received or a valid card is not updated late fees and penalties will apply, detailed in section 9. Storage Services.
  • If Monthly Storage Services are no longer needed by the customer for a partial storage move out or a complete storage move out, you must first notify Swiftway Services LLC to schedule a storage move out on info@swiftwayservices.comor 410-514-5540.
  • Storage move out service will not be automatically billed against the customers card used for their monthly billing. Storage move out services must be paid via credit/debit card via the payment portal provided and or over the phone.
  • Storage monthly rates are not prorated. For example, if a customer moves into a Swiftway Services storage facility on the 25th of that month that will be their ongoing monthly billing date, in which billing is automated. If the customer decided to move out of the Swiftway Services Facility on the 10th of a monthly Swiftway Services will not refund or credit the fee already paid for the month’s storage to the customer in the form of a bank transfer or credit towards their move out services. If the customer decided to move out on the day of their original move in date Swiftway Services LLC and if all outstanding payments have been received Swiftway Services will not bill the customer for their upcoming months storage fee. If the customer books their storage move out 1 day after their original storage move in date they will proceed for their full monthly storage fee.
  • If there are any monthly storage balances due, they must be paid prior to scheduling any storage move out service. Swiftway Services LLC will not book and confirm any storage move out services if the customer has any past due outstanding balances.
  • If a customer schedules a partial storage move out service where items remain in Swiftway Services LLC storage facility, the customers monthly storage automatic payments will not be canceled, however their monthly storage fee may be adjusted as they have partially moved some of their items out of storage. Their monthly storage fee is subject to change.
  • If a customer schedules a complete storage move out service where all their items are moved out of Swiftway Services LLC storage facility the customers monthly storage automatic payments will be canceled on their next scheduled monthly billing date.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will defend any and all customer chargeback claims submitted to their bank via Swiftway Services LLC merchant processor for legitimate services provided to the customer by contractual agreement.

Hourly labor Billing

  • It is the customers responsibility to specify the requested hours of labor they require for their hourly moving service when booking their moving service. If the hourly moving service exceeds the customers requested hourly time frame Swiftway Services LLC is not liable for incorrect hourly time frame estimates.
  • Hourly labor moving services commence when Swiftway Services LLC Moving crew arrive at the pick up location. Commencement of work starts at arrival of the moving truck
  • If additional time is needed to complete the hourly moving service the customer will be billed for the additional time, in hourly increments at the agreed hourly rate on their agreed binding quote.
  • The customer must make payment of additional hourly moving fees and any additional moving fees incurred during the move that were not originally quoted for on the day of their move via credit card over the phone with a Swiftway Services LLC sales representative. Payment must be made before the Swiftway Services LLC completes their hourly moving service and the bill of lading is signed at the drop off location.
  • If the moving crew notifies the customer that additional time is needed to complete the moving services beyond the original quoted time frame the customer is responsible for the payment of those additional hours. The moving crew to the best of their ability will aim to complete services in a timely and safe manner and will not be held liable for any additional hours incurred and fees incurred to the customer.
  • If the customer requests that additional time is needed to complete the moving services, beyond the original quoted time frame the customer is responsible for the payment of those additional hours.
  • Hourly moving services only apply for local moving services and are subject to Swiftway Services LLC’s Management discretion. Flat rate moving services are the default billing and moving service of Swiftway Services LLC.  Hourly moving services do not apply for long distance, storage move in, storage move out or partial storage move services.

Promotional Codes and Discounts

  • Promotional codes, discounts and coupons need to be redeemed with a Swiftway Services LLC Sales Representative prior to your finalized quote in order for them to be accepted. Your quote will reflect the applied discount.
  • Promotional codes, discounts and coupons are not applicable to your finalized quote. You cannot apply for promotional codes, discounts and coupons after you have received your quote.
  • The only exception to a discount on a quote is a comparable competitor quote. The quote of the competitor must be emailed with supporting documentation to Swiftway Services LLC. If the services are like to like, and the quote is legitimate from an equal size organization Swiftway Services LLC will aim to match or beat the competitor’s quote. There is no guarantee that Swiftway Services LLC will match or provide a discount. Swiftway Services LLC will determine what is a comparable quote and what discount to provide.

Cost of Service

  • Costs of our services are subject to change if the date or time of reservation is changed by the customer.
  • Swiftway Services LLC requires 2 business day of notice for the rescheduling and cancellation of moving materials delivery and pickup (boxes, bins, packing materials). A failure to meet these requirements will attract a penalty of $100 or up to the Minimum charged if cancelled on the day of the move.
  • The total quoted cost of services includes blankets and tape for furniture protection, dollies for the duration of the move, fuel, mileage & tolls charges.
  • Additional waiting time charges may be applicable if there are any delays caused by the customer or building’s management.
  • Cost of service is subject to change if the customer adds additional items or services that were not originally quoted for in the original quote.
  • For video estimates the quote provided by Swiftway Services for moving services is based on the items shown in the video quoting process and the inventory list agreed to by the customer when booking their move. If additional items or services are added that were not quoted for in the original moving quote the cost of service is subject to change.

Customer responsibility and expectations

  • The customer or his/her legal representative (a power of attorney must be provided prior to the move) MUST BE present at all times of the move. If not, the customer MUST ACKNOWLEDGE in writing prior to the move that Swiftway Services LLC will NOT be responsible for any claims regarding the forgotten, misplaced, damaged, lost items or any such claims from buildings management.
  • All furniture must be emptied by the customer prior to the move. Such as dressers, drawers, fridge and freezer. The only exception where furniture items do not have to be emptied is if the customer has elected and is paying for Swiftway Services LLC packing services. If a customer has elected packing services Fridge, Freezer and Perishable goods must be packed by the customer under food & safety requirements. Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable or responsible for any sickness, damages or death due to food poisoning.
  • Customers must unplug any electronic components and items; our moving crew will not unplug or install any electronic components.
  • If the customer has decided to pack their own items they must do so in durable boxes and packing material appropriate for transportation.
  • Food and perishable items can only be moved locally in a moving box pack by the customer. Swiftway Services LLC is not liable for food safety. If a customer has elected packing services Fridge, Freezer and Perishable goods must be packed by the customer under food & safety requirements. Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable or responsible for any sickness, damages or death due to food poisoning.
  • Pets and Live animals will not be moved by Swiftway Services LLC Swiftway Services LLC
  • Flat screen TVs. These are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and altitude changes. The original packaging is the best. In any case, please note that in the absence of physical evidence of external damage or negligence (visible damage) we are not responsible for TVs functioning after delivery.
  • House small to medium sized Live plants will not be moved by Swiftway Services LLC. 
  • Unsafe/Unique Moving Circumstances. We are often asked to perform tasks that border on the impossible. Swiftway Services LLC will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, overcrowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and damage caused by weather. Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to items or surroundings, as a result of a specific customer request. You will be asked to sign a waiver or a verbal agreement by foreman or authorized Swiftway personnel if we agree to attempt a move that we deem unsafe or unreasonable.

Cancellation due to weather 

We understand how important timely moves are to our customers, many of whom have very firm deadlines when they need to be out of their current location and into their new one. Our own internal operations hinge on every move being completed as scheduled, so we can delegate moving crews, trucks, and other resources appropriately.

Unfortunately, weather events happen. It’s important to understand what type of weather events cause movers to cancel a move. Sometimes we know about these type of weather events in advance, and schedules can be accelerated to get your possessions packed and moved before the snowstorm or hurricane arrives. In other instances, weather events turn out to be more severe than anyone expected, and the decision to postpone a move must be made.

The types of weather events that can cause a move to be cancelled include snowstorms, heavy rain events that cause flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms and more. Wildland fires can also delay a move if the fires are not contained or are causing road closures.

The primary criteria we use to determine if we have to cancel a move are feasibility and safety.

Feasibility refers to ability to actually perform the move. If roads are closed or blocked due to local weather conditions, we can’t get our moving trucks or crews in to your location in order to move your things. In some events, such as a windstorm that puts tree limbs, downed power lines, and other dangerous debris into the street, roads are generally cleared very quickly, and a move can proceed on a delayed timeline. In other instances, where roads are blocked for a prolonged period of time, or flood waters, landslides, or other significant weather has damaged or destroyed the roadway, a move will be cancelled. At that point, we will work with you, using all available known information regarding local conditions, to determine an alternate time and route for your move.

When we talk about safety impacting our ability to perform a move, we’re including the safety of our crews and equipment as well as that of your family’s possessions in the conversation. If we can’t preserve the safety of everyone and everything during the course of the move, we will cancel the move until such point as conditions improve. When a state of emergency is declared and all non-essential traffic is ordered off of the roads, we comply with these orders. Our commitment to you includes keeping you continually appraised of any situations that impact your timeline, so you will be the first to know in the event extreme weather conditions delay your move.

Rainy Day Moves. No matter what time of the year it is, rain can threaten your move day. A light rain should not cause any issues during a move, but heavy rains will bring challenges. Whether rain or shine, our movers will still move your belongings if you and the crew leader decide that it is safe to do so.  They will cover your items in shrink wrap to keep them as dry as possible but remember: shrink wrap is made to protect against dust, not water. We can’t guarantee that it will provide full protection for your items.  Additionally, please take into account that when moving in the rain, it will be a slower process than it would be on a perfect sunny day.

Wrapping your belongings takes time, as does finding the proper footing in the rain.

Towels, blankets, or moving pads should be laid down in the house so the movers do not damage carpet or wood floors. One option is to have some movers inside the house and some outside so they can pass the boxes to one another without having to walk in the house with wet or muddy shoes. Have extra towels around for people to dry off with in case they get too wet.

If you have the flexibility to reschedule your moving date, it may be the best option.

When our movers get there, they will wait 30 minutes to an hour to see if the rain will die down, with no additional charge to you. If the rain doesn’t let up, give the office a call as soon as possible and we’ll get you rescheduled for the next available move. If you decide to reschedule before the men begin working, then you will not be charged anything for the rainy day visit. Utilize the extra time to tie up loose ends, double-check your pack job, or get some extra rest!

The best way to avoid inclement weather during your move is to check the weather report a few days prior to your scheduled move date. If you see a high chance of rain, and you’re not the type to “sing in the rain,” it would probably be best to reschedule your move.


  • Winter Weather Moves. This is the time of year when sleet and snow can seriously affect your move. Regardless of the amount of snow you are expecting, it makes sense to create a cleared path from your home to the area where your moving truck can safely park to load your items. Keep your sidewalk and driveway clear and use salt or sand to keep your pathways clear of ice. If the road are passable, your moving company may go ahead with your move, but in the event of serious trouble on the roadways, it simply won’t be safe for your movers to proceed, so you should expect a delay.


  • High Heat Moves. While most of us think that clear, sunny days are the best type of moving days, but sometimes, the heat can become too intense. Moving is hard, physical labor and intensely hot, sunny days are not the ideal situation for movers. In the event the temps are super high during your move day, it helps to have on hand a good supply of cold drinks for those who are working in the heat. Additionally, you can expect your movers to take frequent breaks from the work and the heat in order for them to get through their long day in the sun.
  • How to Save Money. Pack everything into uniform sized boxes with lids and mark them with the destination room. Stay close to the action. Move delicate items in your car. We are happy, to place them there and remove them. Disassemble your furniture before we arrive. Be as clear as possible with your directions to our crew.
  • Swiftway Services LLC under no circumstances will not load or move any of the following items: live pets, firearms, illicit substances and chemicals. Swiftway Services LLC shall in no way be responsible for the working condition of electronic equipment, grandfather clocks, or any other piece of mechanical equipment (MCU/mechanical condition unknown). All items should be properly boxed and securely packed. If the following items are transported loosely, they are excluded from moving liability. These items include, but are not limited to:

Electronic components, appliances, televisions, stereos, dvd players, cd/mp3 players, sewing machines, typewriters, computers, plants, lampshades, glass, ceramic lamps, ceramic items mirrors (with or without a drilled hole), marble, ceramic, plastics, concrete pieces, statues, pictures, paintings, curtain rods, computers, laptops, dishes, china, etc. Standard liability is limited to and not to exceed $0.60 cents per pound, per article

The right is reserved by Swiftway Services LLC . to repair or replace any damaged item(s).

  • Swiftway Services LLC will only move live house plants which are within reusable size for local moves less than 350 miles from the pick up to drop off location. The house plant must be planted in an appropriate pot for handling and must be of reasonable size for human handling.
  • Swiftway Services LLC under no circumstances will move live plants for long distance moves, 30 plus miles.
  • Swiftway Services LLC under no circumstances will move live plants into our storage facility for storage, only under emergency storage circumstances. If the customer has an emergency storage requirement associated with a long distance move, Swiftway Services LLC will not move any plants placed into emergency storage to the long distance destination.
  • Swiftway Services LLC may use dollies to facilitate removal or placement of appliances, etc., and damage that may result to soft floors, such as, but not limited to, indentation, scuff marks, etc., are not the responsibility of Swiftway Services LLC .
  • If you have a waterbed, we will be glad to move it. However, we are not waterbed technicians. We will follow your instructions, but you must make a final inspection before our crew leaves. We will not send men out for later adjustments. If you prefer to have a waterbed company move your bed, please make those arrangements. Waiver must be signed regardless.
  • We only move empty aquariums. (This means empty of water, and also empty of creatures such as lizards, turtles and snakes.) waiver must be signed regardless
  • In the event you pack your own glass, porcelain, ceramics, etc. yourself, we will move them carefully, however we will not be responsible for breakage and/or resulting damage to packed and unpacked fragile items. If you wish to have fragile items packed in order that they will be covered by basic or increased insurance, you will be charged for packing and materials. If you decline additional insurance we will move the items but you will be asked to sign a waiver.
  • Our moving personnel will move your pianos, appliances, and items over 300 lbs, if the work can be done safely. It is the moving foreman’s discretion to make this decision when assessing these items, the space and location of the move out and move in address.
  • The customer is responsible for signing the “Bill of Lading” at the time of pick up and the time of delivery, both stages of the move.
  • Conditions of all TVs are to be signed for at the pick and drop off location. Swiftway Services LLC movers will test TV function by turning on and switching channels at both addresses, the customer is required to sign that the TV works or does not work at pick or drop locations.
  • Moving companies are not legally permitted to transport any hazardous materials! This includes items that are flammable, corrosive or combustible. What does this mean for you? If you have a gas barbecue grill you will need to disconnect the tank and take it with you or the grill stays where it is. Your lawnmower and other power lawn tools must be emptied of fuel or they do not go on the truck. You should also be sure to disconnect gas hookups for grills, dryers, water heaters and anything else that you plan to have your movers take. Moving companies cannot handle gas connections. Please contact your gas company for servicing. We do not disconnect gas appliances under no circumstances.
  • Non-allowable items include: Sterno (jelled fuel), Fire Extinguishers, Household Batteries, Matches, Aerosols, Chemistry Sets, Kerosene, Cleaning Solvents, Darkroom Chemicals, Gasoline, Ammonia, Pool Chemicals, Propane/Propane Tanks, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Motor Oil, Fireworks, Car Batteries, Charcoal, Charcoal Lighter, Liquid Bleach, Fertilizer, Paints (latex & oil-based), Paint Thinner, Pesticides, Firearms, Ammunition, Poisons (such as weed killer), Lamp Oils, Fuels.
  • Customers must make other arrangements to transport these items.

Please note: If you ship any of these goods without our knowledge, you immediately void any and all liability by our company for any and all loss or damages, and you will be held responsible for any damages, fines, warehousing costs, and delays incurred by our company resulting from the transport of these materials.

  1. Insurance and valuation coverage for customer belongings
  • Your belongings will be covered with free BASIC coverage of $0.60 cents per pound per article (item) by default as required by the Department of Transportation, Maryland .
  • If you would like to purchase the optional Declared Value Protection you can do so here movinginsurance.com Any additional coverage with our 3rd party insurance company movinginsurance.com MUST be purchased at least 48 hours prior to the move and CANNOT be added on under any circumstances the day of the move or post the move.
  • It is your responsibility to purchase this additional insurance. If you have a high value item we strongly suggest you purchase 3rd party insurance as we are only liable to pay $0.60 cents per pound per item if the item is damaged.
  • Swiftway Services LLC may request additional fees if you have nominated for 3rd party insurance for your items to ensure our moving and packing supplies match the value of your items.
  • We need a minimum 3 business days for any wooden crate or bespoke packing containers to be created for your valuables.
  • Swiftway Services LLC is not liable for any insurance claims or damages filed by the customer for already broken or damaged items that were picked up in their broken and damaged condition at the pick up location. Swiftway Services LLC reserves the right to photograph and state the damaged and broken items on the bill of lading at the pick up and drop off location. The customer must acknowledge and sign next to these items that they were already damaged and broken prior to Swiftway Services LLC moving the items. The customer suspends Swiftway Services LLC from being liable for any claims for these specific damaged items during the performance of the moving & storage services. If the customer refuses to sign their bill of lading Swiftway Services LLC cannot perform the moving services and refund the customer.
  1. Building Insurance – COI (Certificate of Liability Insurance)
  • Swiftway Services LLC will provide customers who have booked their move and paid for their service in full with a Certificate of Insurance COI if it is required by your buildings’ management to perform a move, through our 3rd party insurance provider.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the requirements from building management, provide them to us via email prior to their move, and to notify Swiftway Services LLC if their pickup or drop off address requires a COI.
  • Swiftway Services LLC has the right to refuse to move the customer or charge an additional fee if we arrive at the pick up or drop off location and the customer did not provide COI information prior to the move day.
  • Swiftway Services LLC does not provide floor and wall Masonite protection in our standard flat rate moving service fee. If a customer or management building requires wall and floor Masonite padding/protection it is the responsibility of the customer to communicate this prior to their move day when booking their move, or within 48 hours of their move day to ensure that Masonite material is prepared for their move day. Additional material and handling fees apply for Masonite protection.
  1. Claim and Refunds
  • Our aim is to resolve any claim as soon as possible when receiving your Swiftway Services claims submission form, images and relevant documentation regarding your claim.
  • You have 3 days from the date of move/delivery (or in the event of loss for the entire shipment, from the date your shipment should have been delivered) to file your claim. If you fail to file a claim within 3 days from your moving date Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable for any damages or liabilities.
  • The claim must be submitted in writing to Swiftway Services LLC. After you submit your claim, Swiftway Services LLC has 30 days to acknowledge receipt of your claim. Swiftway Services LLC has 120 days to provide you with a disposition. Swiftway Services LLC is entitled to 60-day extensions if the claim cannot be processed or disposed of within 120 days.
  • Claimant/submitter of the forgoing claim to Swiftway Services LLC, hereby make a solemn oath to the truth of the statements contained herein and exhibits attached, hereto, and that no material fact is withheld that should be included in this claim report..
  • If you have a claim to make, please submit to info@swiftwayservices.com
  • A claim cannot usually be resolved immediately and may take some time before items can be inspected and repaired or replaced. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this process. You can expect the following from the process:
  1. We take your feedback and claims very seriously. Once we have received all the information regarding your claim including any supporting pictures or evidence our claims team will be in touch to begin investigating your claim.
  2. Your appointed contact in our claims department will be your key contact as we resolve your claim. They will email and/or call you as we make progress and find a fair resolution as quickly as possible.
  3. If approved, we will present you with a fair and considered settlement offer. If you accept the offer we will compensate you accordingly. If our offer is not accepted, we will work with an independent arbitrator where appropriate.
  4. Safety of Moving Crews and Customers
  • All Swiftway Services LLC moving personnel crews have undergone 2 weeks of intensive moving training which covers job safety, packing and unpacking, lifting, securing items, safe driving and customer service training.
  • Our moving personnel are covered by third party works compensation insurance which Swiftway Services LLC covers by Maryland State Law.
  • Customers are advised not to get involved in the carrying of items which they are paying for the services of Swiftway Services LLC to do so. If a customer lifts an item and becomes injured, they do so with their own risk. Swiftway Services LLC is not liable for any claims and damages that a customer causes themselves during their move.
  • Customers are expected to treat Swiftway Services LLC moving personnel crews respectfully. Swiftway Services LLC reserves the right to stop a move if a customer is harassing Swiftway Services LLC moving personnel.
  1. Contactless Moving Services
  • In the situation that a customer or his/her legal representative cannot be present during the physical process of their move day they are required during the booking process to inform Swiftway Services LLC that they will not be present and will require a “contactless moving” service. Contactless moving is where the customer or their legal representative at no point physically are on site at the pick up or delivery address, at the time of the removal and or delivery of shipment.
  • If a customer books a contactless moving service with Swiftway Services LLC the customer agrees to Swiftway Services LLC contactless moving services terms and conditions. By paying your Swiftway Services LLC services deposit and or any moving fees you agree to be bound by Swiftway Services LLC Product and Services Terms & Conditions.
  • The customer must make themselves available online during their contactless move day to take phone and video calls with Swiftway Services LLC moving personnel to view their move day, answer any questions and view their completed move.
  • The customer is required to sign their bill of lading and payment authorization forms electronically to acknowledge the accurate loading and completion of their move with Swiftway Services LLC.
  • It is agreed that by accepting the shipment from their “contactless moving” service the customer will not hold Swiftway Services LLC liable for any claims or damages for building and or apartment damage such as dents, scratches, damage to walls, floors and doors.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable for any claims or damages for items that are already broken or damaged on arrival. Swiftway Services LLC may take images of any items that are already broken and damaged and report them to the Swiftway Services LLC claims department before touching and moving the item. Swiftway Services LLC will cover existing damaged and broken items with the basic insurance policy required by the Department of Transportation amounting 0.60 cents per pound of an item and will not provide any further compensation for these items.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable for any damages or claims to items and boxes self packed or wrapped by the customer. This Includes boxes packed by the customer incorrectly that are susceptible  to damage. Swiftway Services LLC will cover such claims with the basic insurance policy required by the Department of Transportation amounting 0.60 cents per pound of an item and will not provide any further compensation for these items.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not be held responsible to dispose of any items or rubbish that are not included in the customers moving inventory list as an item to be moved or taken by Swiftway Services LLC for disposal, Swiftway Services LLC will leave items in the property that have not been not included in the customers moving inventory list as an item to be moved or taken by Swiftway Services LLC for disposal. Swiftway Services LLC will strictly not be liable to pay for any disposal fees the customer incurs from their building management company for these items to be disposed of post the moving service has been completed, the customer is responsible to pay for this disposal fee imposed by their building management company for items which were not moved.
  • The customer is responsible to provide Swiftway Services LLC access to their pick up and drop off location via legal representative or building management. Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for the security of the pick up or drop of location during the contactless move and will not be held liable for any claims of theft, damage or lost keys to the location. Swiftway Services LLC to the best of its ability will close the location main door and hand back any keys to a designated representative to the customer at the location. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure keys have been handed over and doors have been locked. Swiftway Services LLC will not drive to drop off keys to the customers legal representative or ensure safe and secure lock up of all access points of the location when leaving and entering the location during a contactless move.
  1. Long Distance Moving Services
  • Swiftway Services LLC provides the following long distance moving service options 1) Consolidated shipping 2) Individual delivery.
  • Swiftway Services LLC reserves the right to use a third party insured long distance moving provider to ship and move your items to your drop off location depending on the distance of your move.
  • If a third party long distance carrier is completing the shipment and drop off of your long distance move, all communication for long distance moves will be held with Swiftway Services LLC who will liaise with the carrier on your behalf.
  • If any claim may arise during your long distance move where a third party long distance carrier was involved you must submit your claim to Swiftway Services LLCfor handling, in accordance with our claims processes and procedures.
  • Consolidated Shipping: Swiftway Services LLC will pick up items on the pick up date and time agreed upon reservation. Swiftway Services LLC will reload items in third party carriers’ long distance trailers to ship and move your items to your drop off location. Multiple customer items may be packed in one trailer.
  • Swiftway Services aims to deliver shipment in the delivery window as noted on your booking confirmation email. Swiftway Services LLCwill provide two updates on the shipments expected delivery date, once the carrier leaves the pick up state and one day prior to the delivery.
  • Straight delivery: Swiftway Services LLC will pick up items on the pick up date and time agreed upon reservation. Swiftway Services LLC will also drop off your items at the drop off location on the agreed drop off date window. The entire long distance tractor trailer/straight truck is reserved for you, one customer.
  • Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for any delays caused by road closures, unexpected traffic jams, accidents or any law enforcement stops during your long distance move which may impact your drop off date and time.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will refund $50 per day for any long distance delays after the delivery window if missed due to mechanical failure or poor logistics planning.
  • Shuttle truck transfer may be required if a 53 foot truck is not able to fit at the delivery address and will be included at an additional cost. The customer is obligated to inform Swiftway Services LLC one day before the pick up and drop off if the street can fit a 53 foot truck so Swiftway Services LLC can organize shuttle truck transfer if required.
  • Swiftway Services LLC has the right to place your items in a storage space and re-deliver the items at the first available date if nobody is present at the delivery point within the guaranteed window of delivery. The additional re-delivery and storage space fees will occur.
  • At the time of the pick up the customer should inform Swiftway Services LLC of the first available delivery date to accept the shipment at the delivery address. If a customer wishes to change the first available delivery date after the pick up is done additional fees may occur to cover the loss of the logistics planning or re-delivery and storage.
  • Insurance coverage for long distance moves are outlined under Valuation Coverage for Your Belongings terms and conditions.
  1. Storage Services
  • Swiftway Services LLC provide the following storage options:
    • a) Warehouse Storage: All items to be stored in Swiftway Services LLC warehouse storage facility will be wrapped at the pickup location and will be transported to Swiftway Services LLC secure storage facility where items will be placed on pallets and additionally wrapped and organized in the facility. Swiftway Services LLC storage facilities are private and secure with 24 hours video security surveillance. Customer visits to Swiftway Services LLC secure storage facility are restricted to no storage visits.
    • b) Individual Storage Unit: All items to be stored in a dedicated storage unit with ability for storage visits.
  • Storage monthly fees are predetermined by the size of the shipment. Calculated per cubic feet plus tax per month. The rate per cubic foot for storage is a fixed rate at the day of booking and signing storage agreement and paying move in service deposit, in which case the customer is bound to the terms and conditions of service .
  • Swiftway Services LLC reserves the right to amend a customer’s monthly fees under the following conditions; if the customer schedules a partial storage move out, schedules an additional storage move in with additional items, has additional items that were not originally quoted for in the original storage move in service; and or for any other reason without notice.
  • Storage visits are only applicable to individual unit storage units and must be scheduled at least 2 days prior to the desired date and request for the visit in writing to Swiftway Services LLC.
  • Storage visits cannot be scheduled between the 26th of every month through to the 3rd of the following month.
  • Storage visit cost is $75.00 for the 1st hour and every additional 30 minutes $50.00.
  • Storage visits to Swiftway Services LLC storage facility must be scheduled at least 2 days prior to the desired date for the visit in writing to Swiftway Services LLC and are only applicable to move out requests.
  • Moving out of storage can be scheduled with Swiftway Services LLC with a 3 business day notice prior to move out date.
  • Self move out needs to be scheduled at least 3 business days prior to move. If a customer completes a self move out of any Swiftway Services LLC storage facility warehouse or individual unit the customer will incur a self move out fee, which will be equal to the cost of a full storage monthly fee prior to pick up.
  • A customer can nominate a 3rd party carrier to pick up their items from storage at the additional fee of a full month’s storage fee prior to pick up.
  • For Emergency In Transit Storage Services Swiftway Services LLC will store the customer’s items in storage as an In Transit Storage Customer for 14 days as of the day of their storage move in. Once the 14 days of In Transit Storage Services have lapsed the customer will be subject to the terms and condition of storage customers and will be billed for their monthly storage fee on the 14th day from their original move in date.
  • In the scenario where monthly storage payments are not collected for 3 months Swiftway Services LLC has the right to place your items on auction and/or dispose the items to cover loss. Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable for any damages or claims, if this action takes place.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable to any claims or damages made by a storage customer for self-packed and incorrectly packed items and boxes, no matter the duration of time in Swiftway Services LLC storage facility. Swiftway Services LLC cannot guarantee any damages against a customer’s items during the transit to and from and at the storage facility if the items where self-packed by the customer, and therefore will not be held liable for any claims and damages.
  1. Packing and Unpacking
  • Moving materials used to move your items belong to Swiftway Services LLC and are retrieved at the end of your move. Any purchased moving materials prior to your move from Swiftway Services LLC belong to the customer. Moving materials such as moving blankets, TV boxes, Wardrobe boxes, Picture boxes and any other moving material belong to Swiftway Services LLC and will be retrieved at the drop off location prior to departure.
  • Transportation of breakables without proper or recommended containers: Unpacked items of a fragile or breakable nature include, but are not limited to, the following: Waterbed mattresses, a glass of any kind, lamps, lampshades-pictures, mirrors, marble, granite, stone, pottery, LCD or plasma TV’s and artwork of any kind. They MUST be packed in a proper box. Damage claims for such, will not be honored, unless items are packed or crated in the recommended container by the Carrier. Shipper accepts responsibility for any item that is placed onto our trucks without the proper packaging. Swiftway Services LLC will always recommend proper containers for such items.
  • Full packing and unpacking services performed by Swiftway Services LLC will be completed if requested by the customer at an additional service fee. Last minute packing requests may not be serviced.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will provide packing paper, boxes and packing supplies if packing service has been requested at the time of booking to complete the packing service packing supplies are included in the packing service fee.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not provide bubble wrap for any items unless requested by the customer at the time of booking.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not organize the items in the boxes while packing unless requested by the customer at the time of booking. Swiftway Services LLCwill pack items in accordance with the room they are and the type of item they belong to. Swiftway Services LLC will randomly and safely pack items but will not separate the content of drawers that need to be packed among the boxes. The packing will be done in the order that is most effective for an efficient and safe operation. It is the responsibility of the customer to organize their items before Swiftway Services LLC commences the packing service.
  • Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for additional packing of boxes if the number of boxes is not enough which was agreed upon booking by the customer, unless the customer agrees to the additional fees that are predetermined for any additional packing at the time of booking.
  • If the customer has requested unpacking services Swiftway Services LLC will unpack the boxes and dispose of the cardboard boxes and packing materials used at the time of packing.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will unpack the items at the designated place upon customer instruction but will not organize the content of boxes as customer desires nor in a stylish/designer manner.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will safely and efficiently unpack china and kitchen box content but will not organize china and breakables in a matching grouping or stylish/designer manner.
  1. Plastic Moving Totes/Bins for Hire
  • Swiftway Services LLC offers plastic moving totes for hire for an additional fee.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will drop off the hired plastic moving totes to the customer nominated location for packing use.
  • The customer has a maximum of 5 days post their move in date to their drop off location to return all hired Swiftway Services LLCplastic moving totes clean and in the same condition which they received them. Swiftway Services LLC will collect the plastic moving totes from the nominated location post move.
  • If a Swiftway Services LLC plastic moving tote is damaged or missing the replacement fee per plastic moving tote is $50.
  1. Moving Supplies to purchase
  • Swiftway Services LLC offers moving supplies such as boxes, packing paper and tape for purchase in moving bundles designed for home sizes and customer needs.
  • Swiftway Services LLC does not sell individual moving supplies per unit, unless a customer has already purchased a moving bundle and required some additional add ons.
  • Swiftway Services LLC offers moving supplies in bundles that can be purchased during the booking process or prior to the move day. A minimum of 3 business days prior to the move day are required to purchase moving supplies for delivery.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will deliver the purchased moving supplies to the nominated location.
  • Swiftway Services LLC does not offer refunds or returns on sold moving supply goods, used or unused.
  1. TVs and Electronics
  • Appliances and other electronic devices: Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable for any internal components of an appliance and/or electronic device. When moving appliances & electronics it can be necessary to tilt or turn these in a position that is other than upright. Doing this can cause loose components that are inside to come loose. Also, vibrations in the truck can also cause components that may have already been loose to come apart. Therefore, Swiftway Services LLC, does not warranty the internal components of any appliance or electronic device.
  • The customer is required to turn on their TV prior to Swiftway Services LLC packing the TV into a TV box, both the Swiftway Services LLC foreman and customer are to acknowledge on the signed bill of lading that the TV works or does not work at the pickup and drop off location. If the TV does not work at the pick up location Swiftway Services LLC is not held responsible for any damages or claims.
  • If the TV does work at the pick up location and does not work at the drop off location and no external damage is visible Swiftway Services LLC is not held responsible for any damages or claims.
  • If the TV does work at the pick up location and does not work at the drop off location and external damage visible Swiftway Services LLC will process the damages and claim for the customer.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not be responsible for damages to the TV if packed by a customer in their own box prior to the crew’s arrival.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will unmount the TV if agreed at the time when the customer is booking their move free of charge. If Swiftway Services LLC are required to unmount a TV that was not outlined in the inventory list when the customer was booking their move, a dismount fee may apply.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not mount the TV on the wall of the drop off location
  • When moving any appliances, Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for disconnecting the electricity and will not be responsible for disassembly/assembly of any appliances that cannot fit through the door unless previously agreed at the time of booking.
  1. Furniture Assembly & Disassembly
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable to any damages caused when assembling and disassembling furniture. It is at the discretion of Swiftway Services LLC to determine if an item requires additional handling fees due to the size and complexity of the requested assembly and disassembly services.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to fully disclose the true nature of the size and complexity of their items. Swiftway Services LLC has the right to charge additional handling fees or refuse to move an item if on the day of a move, large and complex items are present which were not fully disclosed at the time of booking.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to provide furniture assembly manuals for any complex or large items.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to contact the manufacturer of an item if it requires specific handling and care for the manufacturer to send their technicians to disassemble the item prior to Swiftway Services LLC picking up the item to be moved.
  • Swiftway Services LLC provides a variety of furniture handling services, some of which require special handling that must be communicated prior to the move as they may require an additional fee and resources to complete the move safely.
  • Large wall units must be communicated at the time of booking to ensure resources are available to handle such items, an additional handling fee will apply.
  • Armoire, china cabinet, pool table, piano, exercise machine and similar oversized items that cannot be moved in one piece due to size or fragile material such as glass or compressed wood require an additional handling fee as they must be disassembled and reassembled.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will strictly not assemble furniture or any item that was not disassembled by Swiftway Services LLC at the pick up location. Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable for any damages or claims regarding the damage of items disassembled and packed by the customer. If the customer requires Swiftway Services LLC to assemble furniture or any item that was not disassembled by Swiftway Services LLC an additional service fee will apply Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable for any damages or claims regarding this items or service provided.
  • Simulated wood products and pressed board. These products have poor structural integrity, which does not lend itself to moving or repair. We will move these items carefully but cannot be responsible for damage of simulated wood or pressed board furniture. These items are excluded from any and all moving insurance coverage.
  • If a customer’s furniture or item requires special handling that was not disclosed to Swiftway Services LLC during the booking process or disclosed to Swiftway Services LLC with a minimum of 4 business days notice prior to their move day Swiftway Services LLC reserves the right not to move disassembled the furniture item. Swiftway Services LLC requests that customers seek expert and professional furniture disassembly service for complex and special items that require special handling prior to their move day so that Swiftway Services LLC can move the disassembled item to the drop off location, Swiftway Services LLC will not assemble such items at the drop off location. Swiftway Services LLC will aim to move such items if possible without disassembly. If the item can not be moved without disassembly, and special handling is required, Swiftway Services LLC reserved the right to move the item, and will not be held liable for any damages or claims. The customer will be responsible for sourcing the appropriate experts to disassemble and assemble the furniture for it to be moved safely. Swiftway Services LLC will not be held liable to refund the charge items that are not moved due to the customers inability to inform Swiftway Services of special handling requirements.
  1. Furniture & Mattress Disposal
  • Swiftway Services LLC can perform furniture disposal service at the request of the client to a disposal center if requested on the time of booking for an additional fee.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will inquire additional fees for disposal of the items to a disposal center to cover additional mileage, labor and additional stop as well as the charges required by the disposal center.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will provide plastic cover for mattress disposal
  • Swiftway Services LLC will dispose of a customer’s items on the curb if previously requested by the client on the time of booking and in accordance with the cities curbside disposal pick up days. Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for any fines or penalties of illegally curbside disposal, it is the responsibility of the customer who owns the possessions and requested such services at the time of booking. Swiftway Services LLC will not dispose of any items curbside on the day of the day of the move if the customer had not previously requested the service when booking their move, with no exceptions.
  1. Client referral program
  • Swiftway Services LLC offers a client referral program which awards a referrer with a commission fee on their referrals completed move. The following conditions must be met for the referrer to earn their commission fee:
    • The referrers referral must move and complete their paid services with Swiftway Services LLC. Which means that if you refer a friend and they don’t move with Swiftway Services LLC you do not earn a referral commission fee. Referral fees are only paid on completed and paid in full moves by Swiftway Services LLC
    • All referrals must be submitted through the Swiftway Services LLC referral program web form. If you referred a friend via email to Swiftway Services LLC you are entitled to a commission fee. If you referred a friend verbally to Swiftway Services LLC you are entitled to a commission fee.
    • If you qualify for a referral fee, the referral fee will be sent to your nominated digital wallet within 30 days from the date the move has been completed and earned.
    • Methods of payment are Paypal, Square and check which you will provide on the Swiftway Services LLC.


 Referral program web form.

  • Swiftway Services LLC offers a 25, 50 and up to $100 referral commission for local moves on the total and paid invoice
  • Swiftway Services LLC offers a 25, 50 and up to 100 referral commission for Long Distance on the total and paid invoice for any out of state moves, out of Maryland and DC
  • Swiftway Services LLC reserved the right to change the commission fee at any time, and or cancel this commission referral program.
  • The referred customer does not earn a commission or discount on their own if they are referred to Swiftway Services LLC via this programIf the customer quotes a promo code during their booking process they can earn a discount on the move.
  • The referrer who earns a commission fee cannot apply that commission fee as a credit for any future moves or services from Swiftway Services LLC. Nor can it be applied as a discount to future services of their or any contacts of theirs.
  • If the referred customer has an open or pending claim with Swiftway Services LLC which could result in a loss of earned revenue and damages Swiftway Services LLC reserves the right to not pay the referrer their commission fee as no revenue has been earned. Swiftway Services LLC with discretion may pay the refer a flat commission fee of $25 dollars if their referral has an open and pending claim, no matter what the original final amount of move  that could have been earned was without a pending claim.
  • Swiftway Services LLC does not under any circumstances honor any referrers web referral submissions forms, emails or calls for a referral commission post the referrals move date, or post the referral booking move date. All referrals are to be made prior to the referral booking their move with Swiftway Services LLC. Swiftway Services LLC will not pay or honor any referral commissions fees for referrals made post the referrals booking date and move date.
  • If a referrer makes a referral that elects Swiftway Services LLC storage move in services, that is the only storage job service that the referrer will earn their commission fee for, if all referral conditions are met. Swiftway Services LLC will not pay the referrer any referral commission fees on other storage service job types such as storage move out services or monthly storage fees associated with that referral customer. Only the original and single job type of storage move in services can a referrer earn referral commissions.
  • Swiftway Services LLC will not honor referral commission fee payments to referrers who refer customers who have previously moved with Swiftway Services LLC as a repeat customer. A referrer cannot refer or earn referral fees for a referral who has previously moved with Swiftway Services LLC.
  • Swiftway Services LLC does not honor any referral commissions or pay any referral fees to a referrer who refers a customer to Swiftway Services who has already been in contact with and received a quote from Swiftway Services LLC


Swiftway Services may use agents/independent sub-contractors on all orders. Additionally, unless you purchased an “exclusive use of the vehicle” option, there is no guarantee that your items will not be temporarily stored or offloaded and reloaded onto a different vehicle then performed pickup and consolidated with other shipments.


The neutral arbitration program has been designed to give neither party any particular advantage. If a dispute arises between Swiftway Services and the shipper arbitration may be a mutually beneficial alternative to help resolve the dispute. Section 49 CFR Section 372.211 provides that a mover must have a program in place to give the shippers an Arbitration alternative. Arbitration is optional and not required under Federal law. A. Summary of the arbitration process: Arbitration is an alternative to courtroom litigation. It provides each party to the dispute to present their cases and allows a neutral third-party arbitrator to decide as to the merits of each side’s case. Arbitration subject to this agreement shall be conducted via written submission and, subject to the arbitrator’s discretion, through telephonic appearance. After the initial filing fees have been paid and the arbitrator selected, the initiating party or “Claimant” must submit a written brief summarizing their legal position and factual claims. All supporting documentation must be included with the initial arbitration brief. Copies of all documents must be submitted to all parties involved in the arbitration. Upon receipt of the Claimant’s arbitration brief and supporting documents, the responding party or “Respondent” will have 30 days to file their responsive arbitration brief and supporting documentation. Further deadlines and timetables are subject to the arbitrator’s discretion. B. Legal effects: If the arbitration alternative is chosen, then any decision made by the arbitrator may be binding. Additionally, an arbitration decision may not be appealed in a court of law. All parties agree that the Arbitrators decision will be based exclusively on the governing United States Federal Law without regard to conflicting State laws or regulations. C. Applicable costs: Each party is responsible for their costs associated with arbitration. A benefit to the arbitration alternative may be that it is less expensive than traditional litigation. Each party is responsible for 20% of the costs associated with securing the arbitrator and 100% of their expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees. There is a $220 filing fee FOR EACH PARTY and a supplemental charge of $20 administration fee. Call carrier at the phone number on the front of this form for ADR processing forms.

  1. Customer Privacy

Swiftway Services LLC is committed to protecting your privacy. This Statement of Privacy applies to Swiftway Services services and governs data collection and usage at all Swiftway Services websites, third party lead platforms, emails, phone calls and the physical completion of services.

Collection of Personal Information

Swiftway Services collects personal information via phone, email, web form or third party lead provider, such as your email address, name, home or work address, telephone number, bank account information and credit/visa card details. Information collected by Swiftway Services LLC is used for the billing and provision of the purchased or related services. Swiftway Services does not collect any information about your computer hardware and software.

How we use your Personal Information

Swiftway Services LLC collects and uses your personal information to process service orders and deliver the services requested. It is possible that Swiftway Services LLC may also use personal information to inform you of other products or services available from Swiftway Services LLC, or its affiliates. Swiftway Services LLC may also contact you via email marketing communication, surveys to research your opinions of current services or of potential services.

Swiftway Services LLC may, from time to time, contact you on behalf of external business partners about a particular offering that may be of interest to you. In those cases, your personal information (e-mail, name, address, telephone number) is not transferred to the third party.

Swiftway Services LLC may occasionally hire other companies to provide limited services on our behalf, such as international and long distance moves, providing customer support, processing transactions, providing services, or performing statistical analysis of our services. We will provide those companies only the information needed to deliver the service they provide.

Swiftway Services LLC does collect or use or disclose sensitive personal information, such as race, religion, or political affiliations, without your explicit consent.

Swiftway Services LLC may access and/or disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal processes served on Swiftway Services LLC or the site; (b) protect and defend the rights or property of Swiftway Services LLC, including its website; or (c) act under exigent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of Swiftway Services LLC or the public.

Personal information collected on this site may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Swiftway Services  LLC or its affiliates, subsidiaries, or agents maintain facilities, and by using this site, you consent to any such transfer of information outside the country.

For what purposes do we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information. The main reasons we may collect, use, hold and disclose personal information include:

  1. Our general business operations and functions, including providing you with our product and services;
  2. To provide and answer questions about products and services to you and/or your organization and to send communications when requested;
  3. To conduct business processing and related functions including providing personal information to our related bodies corporate, clients, contractors, service providers or other third parties;
  4. To update our records to keep your contact details up to date;
  5. To process and respond to any complaint made by you;
  6. To comply with our legal or regulatory requirements, or where required by law;
  7. Conducting business on our website, and improving our websites, and;
  8. For any other purpose related to or ancillary to any of the above.

Security of your personal information

Swiftway Services is committed to protecting your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies to help guard against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the information you provide on computer systems in controlled facilities with strictly limited access. This includes your name, address and credit card information. Swiftway Services uses trusted and large third party technology vendors who use data encryption technology. Credit card and billing information is collected on and stored on our First Data Bank and QuickBooks merchant accounts.

  1. Liability waiver during a state of emergency, pandemic or natural disaster
  • Under the 2020 COVID 19 Maryland State Executive Order “Essential Business” Swiftway Services is an “Essential Business”. We have increased the sanitization of our trucks & equipment to protect our customers. Our essential workers “movers” & “foreman” are also advised under strict company policy to wear face masks & gloves during every customer move. They are also advised to wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer gel provided by the company. If they are sick they are advised to stay home until they have made clearance.
  • Swiftway Services will not be held liable for any damages if a customer or member of the community gets sick during the 2020 COVID 19 Maryland State Executive Order ” Essential Business”. If you decide to move with Swiftway Services LLC during the COVID 19 Maryland State Executive Order “Essential Business” it is at your own risk and acknowledgement of this term, we will not be held liable for any damages, sickness or death for a customer.
  1. Disclaimer of warranties: Limitation of Liability

Customer waives any claim for emotional harm or sentimental attachment to Customer property. To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, Customer waives all claims for consequential, special, punitive, and incidental damages that might otherwise be available to the customer. Customer agrees that Swiftway Services LLC  total liability to Customer, or to those claiming through Customer, for all losses, damages, and causes of action [in contract, tort (including without limitation, negligence), or otherwise] shall never exceed the amount Customer paid to Swiftway Services LLC  for service.


We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

We do not warrant that the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable.

Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for delays due to road traffic conditions.

Swiftway Services LLC is not responsible for a buildings’ time restrictions.

You agree that from time to time we may remove the service for indefinite periods of time or cancel the service at any time, without notice to you.

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