Senior Moving Services – How To Prepare?


Moving from one home to the next is an exhausting process, packing, clearing out your home, traveling, unpacking, and settling in; it can become difficult to handle. But consider how difficult it can become for senior citizens. If you are a senior citizen moving from one home to the next, downsizing your living area, or simply moving to a new city, it is always recommended to hire a senior moving service to assist you in a comfortable and organized move.


Why Hire a Senior Moving Service?

Senior moving services can help make your move stress-free, quick, comfortable, and safe; all very important when working with seniors. Seniors are to be dealt with a certain code of ethics and care which senior service providers abide by. Not only do senior movers help with the physical aspect of moving but also the emotional aspects; they offer compassion for the moving seniors.


In short, senior movers have the necessary expertise to assist the elderly in settling into their new homes with ease.


What Can Senior Moving Services Do?

Hiring a senior moving service is the best decision you can make when moving from one home to another. As a senior, you can’t possibly move all your belongings on your own. Senior moving services can assist with the following:


  • Planning out your move
  • Organizing your belongings
  • Taking care of cleaning out your old home
  • Arranging for the shipment of your belongings
  • Unpacking your belongings at the destination
  • Settling in, assembling, and setting furniture in your new home


How to Prepare for Your Move?

Most seniors may not even recall the last time they moved, and in the scenario that they do, they might not recall the details. Times have changed after all; there are several things you must consider, including health services, proximity to your loved ones, retirement homes, and insurance.


A senior moving service will help make your move significantly easier to handle. But how best to prepare for your move? Here are some tips to help you along the way!

1.   Create a Moving Plan

First thing first, create a checklist for your move. It always helps in planning out your move beforehand, which is why some suggest starting two months early. You will need the time to organize your belongings, remove any unwanted possessions, research the new area and hire a reliable moving service.


By creating a plan, you can eliminate the chances of missing out on any belongings or any important steps along the way. This way, when moving day finally arrives, you will know you have taken care of nearly everything you need, and the less stressed out you will be throughout the process!

2.   Involve Your Family and Friends

Moving out and settling into a new home is no easy feat; it always helps to have your family members and friends assist you in the process. Your close ones will not only give you better insight on what service to hire in the moving process, but they can also give you personal and useful tips on moving.


They will also help sort through your belongings and pack your items for shipping, you can always hire a moving service to help with this step, but some seniors may prefer having their family help instead. You should communicate with your family beforehand so they can make time for your move.

3.   Organize Your Belongings and Minimize Before Your Move

The next step is where the moving actually begins; you must organize and sort through your belongings. As a senior citizen, there may be several items you own that aren’t of much use. So, be sure to declutter and clear out any unnecessary items beforehand to avoid carrying any extra luggage with you. The fewer items you hold onto, the fewer items you will need to pack and take with you, the faster you can settle into your new home.


You could also give away the belongings you won’t need anymore, host a garage sale or simply donate your possessions. Make a list of the valuables you need to take with you, and make sure the service your hire packs them first.

4.   Get a Floor Plan

The goal here is to make your move as stress-free as possible. Now that you have successfully planned what items you will be taking with you, take some time to think about the home you will be moving into. Get a floor plan of your new home to see how much room your current belongings could occupy. You will also be able to plan out the layout of your home, where you will be placing your furniture etc.

5.   Talk to Your Doctor

Moving can be difficult to handle for most senior citizens, particularly those who are impaired. It is generally recommended to talk to your healthcare professional and discuss your move with them. They could provide you with some tips to help you stay physically and mentally well throughout the process.

At the same time, you want to look up doctors in the new area you will be moving into. Make sure you carry all your necessary medication, supplements, and plans you have been working on. Consult your new doctor so you can continue your plans as you were before the move.

6.   Don’t Forget Your Essentials.

As a senior citizen, there are items that you must have in reach at all times. It is recommended that you pack a separate bag for the essentials that you may need urgently and keep them in reach at all times. This way, there are lesser chances of them being shipped off with the rest of your belongings.

Senior Moving services

7.   On Moving Day

Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned above to be well prepared for the final moving day. Get up early and have a mighty breakfast to ensure you are energized for the day ahead. Be sure to give the house one final look to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Go over the paperwork one last time before you turn it in along with your keys.


When the movers come by, have them parked as close to the entrance of your home as possible, so it is easier to load your items. Next, confirm the moving truck’s USDOT number is identical to the service you hired, go over the paperwork associated with your move, and read them carefully; it’s your right to address any concerns before they start loading your items. Next, watch the movers do their job.

8.   Be Patient

Living in the same home for years can lead to emotional attachments, so when the time comes to move out, you may find it challenging. You should take it a step at a time, be patient, and give yourself the time you need to gradually adjust to your new home!


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