Multifamily Moving Services For a Renovation Project


Multi family moving services

Renovating your condo/apartment building can be incredibly challenging, especially with the additional task of relocating your tenants and their belongings before you can start repainting your walls, replacing fixtures, or remodeling your entire or partial building!  But if you hire a professional and reliable multifamily moving service, you can make this otherwise stressful task manageable and hassle-free.


Why Hire A Multifamily Moving Service For Your Renovation Project?

When working on multifamily renovations projects, you need to first empty the building. This can be a challenging task because you want to ensure your tenants can safely remove their stuff on time. Packing items, loading them out, and finally moving out can be a pretty time-consuming task that is in no way a DIY project. What you can do is hire a multifamily moving service to make things easier for all parties involved!


A multifamily moving service allows for the safe relocation of your possessions from one place to another. These services aren’t just limited to multifamily homes but also include businesses, offices, and industries. They provide all services involved in the project, including packing, loading them into transport vehicles, transporting them to new permanent or semi-permanent units, storing them (if required), unloading, unpacking, and arranging items.


Multifamily moving services provide ease and comfort to people in moving out while you can prepare for your renovation project; they carry the necessary equipment and expertise needed to get the job done smoothly. This way, you can save time and instead focus on the things that matter, your renovation project, for instance!


Types of Relocation Services for Your Renovation Project

Your renovation project may require a certain approach of relocation depending on the length and size of your project. There are three identifiable types of relocation services to help ease your renovation project.

1.   Permanent Off-Site Relocation

This type of relocation is better suited to projects that may demand a period longer than 12 months. The relocation service you hire will help plan relocation, survey living spaces, and follow up with each resident on their new off-site living space. The services should be customized to uniquely fit the needs of the affected tenants. Services may include:


  • Development of relocation plans for each tenant and creating relocation tracking systems.
  • Reaching out to tenants to inform them of relocation projects.
  • Providing packing and guidance services to tenants for a smooth relocation for tenants.

2.   Temporary Relocation (Off-site/Onsite)

Temporary relocation may be conducted either onsite or offsite. This is usually best suited for renovation projects that span over a period that falls short of a year. Onsite relocation may include the creation of temporary onsite units to accommodate the residents. On the other hand, offsite temporary relocation will provide the tenants with living spaces away from the renovation site. Services may include:


  • Working with your construction and management team to create a sound relocation plan that does not clash with your renovation.
  • Assisting in the identification and setup of units for relocation (on-site/offsite).
  • Scheduling out tenant moves on time.

3.   Tenant in Place Relocation

Tenant-in-place renovation is best suited to smaller renovations and touch-ups to the area that don’t require permanent offsite relocation. Residents are usually only relocated for the time the contractor works and then shifted back for the evening or night. Services may include:


  • Helping residents prepare for their relocation.
  • Assisting in setting up onsite units for tenants to relocate to during renovations.
  • Providing packing and relocation services to tenants to help move their possessions.


What Services Can You Expect?

There are several services multifamily moving companies provide. Some of these include the following:

4.   Packing Services

Your apartment or condo is a multilevel living space filled with a plethora of stuff. These include cutlery items, furniture, and even sensitive items such as antiquities and family heirlooms. Packing each item is time-consuming; moreover, packing demands a large number of quality materials to securely hold the items.


Hiring a full-service multifamily moving company can solve all these issues. They help pack all the necessary items to be moved to storage or relocated to a new area. Not only will they provide quality materials to help pack the items, but they are more experienced in relocating sensitive items and larger furniture up and down long flights of stairs.

5.   Moving Services

This is the most important part where they actually transport the stuff from one location to the next. When it comes to multi-family complexes, moving out furniture for relocation can be incredibly difficult, particularly if the job involves moving furniture to and from several flights of stairs.


Multifamily moving service providers have all the necessary equipment and are well experienced with carrying down larger and heavier furniture and items from such areas without any error. You can trust them to safely get the job done and transport the items to wherever your tenants require.

6.   Storage Options

When it comes to multifamily renovations, it is not surprising that some tenants may need to temporarily store their belongings during the renovation process while you work on the building renovations. After all, no one wants their possessions to get dusty or damaged during a renovation project.


A multifamily moving service provider should also be able to provide your tenants with secure storage options that will keep their items safely stored until it’s time to move them back.

7.   Unpacking Services

One more significant service these companies offer is unpacking services. Professional service providers should not only help tenants settle in by unpacking their items and arranging them, but they may also offer additional clean-up services, clearing out the excess packing materials after the job is done! Be sure to consult your moving service to see if they provide these services for added benefits.

Multi Family Moving services

What to Look For When Hiring a Multifamily Moving Service Provider?

When looking for a reliable multi family moving service, keep the following points in mind:

A.   Affordable solutions

When hiring a moving service provider, you must first consider all your options. It helps to list down a list of notable potential companies and look for their testimonials and reviews to downsize into the few that you think are best. You can then contact them and ask for estimates on their moving and storage solutions for renovation moving. Always look for a reliable company that offers a written estimate and defines the services they will provide.

B.   Customizable Packages

Not all moves are the same; the distance crossed; the items packed and delivered all vary greatly. This is why it is important to look for a service provider capable of providing customizable packages that meet your unique needs. Many reliable companies will provide you with customizable solutions that fit the moving needs of your building/condo tenants.

C.    Secure Facilities

Finally, always look for a registered, licensed professional multi-family moving service to assist you in the job. It also helps to look for insured professionals for the job. Be sure that they offer reliable, secure moving services and storage services for your items.


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Regardless of the size of your operation, we can help ensure that:


  • All home belongings are safely relocated to a new location, whether off-site or on-site.
  • We arrange for safe transport and storage of items as required.
  • We use the right equipment to help remove all items and move back in when required.


Our team is well experienced when it comes to multifamily moving; contact us today and let us make your experience as stress-free as possible!