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Swiftway Services  specialize in affordable and mixed income public and subsidized  relocation services .We assist the developers ,Construction ,project managers navigate through a difficult process by providing the much needed moving packing and temporary storage needed to their tenants and residents that are in transition due to major redevelopment, renovation, or renovation-in-place construction projects in their communities

Swiftway Services  LLC has over 10 years I the following types of Renovation Projects:

  1. Permanent Off-Site Relocation
  2. Temporary Off-Site/On-Site Relocation
  3. Tenant-In-Place Relocation

Permanent Off-Site Relocation

During off-site relocation projects, SWIFTWAY SERVICES  coordinates the relocation of the tenants and residents to the new  units located away from the site of construction and redevelopment. Permanent off-site relocation is the relocation of households for a period longer than 12 months.

SWIFTWAY SERVICES ’s Permanent Off-Site Relocation includes:

  • Developing relocation plans and schedules with Owners, Project managers
  • Conducting meetings with residents to inform them about the relocation process
  • Meeting one-on-one with the Property managers to determine special households and  identify needs and relocation preferences
  • Conducting relocation tips for a successful move (both individually and in group briefing sessions)
  • Providing packing guidance and coordinating of moves

Temporary Off-Site/On-Site Relocation

Temporary relocation is the relocation of households for a time period less than 12 months. This relocation can be off-site or on-site depending on the project. These may also include on-site units which are temporary units that residents are provided that have features similar to a hotel room, such as bedding, but are not necessarily a hotel accommodation.

SWIFTWAY SERVICES ’s Temporary Off-Site Relocation includes:

  • Identifying and undertake advance planning for households with special needs
  • Working closely with construction and management in the development and implementation of a relocation schedule
  • Coordinating/ scheduling the move of resident belongings and the delivery to furnished temporary relocation/hotel units
  • Developing and implementing tools for inventorying and tracking items in hotel units

Tenant-In-Place Relocation

During renovation-in-place, residents are relocated only during the contractor’s work day and then the resident returns for the evening and night.

This type of relocation is usually for renovations such as refurbishment of bathrooms, kitchens, doors, floors, walls, and ceilings.

SWIFTWAY SERVICES ’s Tenant-In-Place relocation methodology includes:

  • Conducting community meetings to prepare residents for their upcoming unit rehab and relocation.
  • Assisting residents with preparing for upcoming unit renovations, including providing packing supplies and assisting with packing and prepping for construction work
  • Identifying items to be moved to storage and helping residents and movers floor planning services for units undergoing flooring replacement.
  • Identifying procedures during the moving process and rehab for minimizing tenant property damage and serving as the initial point of contact regarding resident claims of damage/loss

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