Moving With Pets – Tips and Tricks

Moving With Pets – Tips and Tricks

Moving to a new house can spike up the stress level for every member in your house. You may not know, but pets can sense the commotion that comes with home moving. Cats and dogs prefer routine and stability, and the unexpected activity around them makes them anxious, and they begin to feel uneasy. With the move in full swing, helping the pet feel safe comes as a challenge for pet owners.
But since you love your pet and want them to be delighted once you enter your new home, all you need to do is remember some moving tips to get the job done.

Preparation Before the Move
 Getting Accustomed to the Pet Carrier
Prepare your furry friend for the moving day. Start by making them comfortable with the pet carrier. The carrier is a safe and comfortable accommodation where your little pet can rest during the transition to your new home. But you need to cultivate this habit in your pet’s mind. So have their favorite blanket in the carrier and give treats every time the animal enters the crate. Place the carrier in your home, allowing your pet to get used to it.
As for large breed dogs, a big house kennel that can be placed in the car is a suitable choice. Just make sure to pick a carrier that gives your pet enough space to move and relax.

 Short Car Trips
Once your pet gets familiar with the carrier, the next thing is to make them accustomed to car travel. If your new home is just a few blocks away, it might not be an issue. But if not, it will be challenging. Besides, animals, especially cats and dogs, get agitated when they encounter changing scenarios around them. Being a considerate pet owner, you need to make sure your pet is at peace during the relocation.

Start by having short trips with your furry friend (or clawed pal if you have a kitty). Take them for groceries down the road or a 20-minute car ride to some park. Once the pet gets used to the sights and sounds linked with car travel, they will begin to enjoy it or remain unbothered.
 Let Them Play with the Boxes
You are moving with a dog or cat, make your pet your packing buddy. Instead of keeping them in their crate, let them play around. As you pack boxes and move stuff, allow your pet to explore and have fun in their own way. This way, you can keep stress away from your pet, giving them the impression that moving is routine stuff.

 Maintain Their Schedule
Like most people, pets also want a consistent lifestyle. Even though you have enough on your plate and are busy packing your belongings, don’t disturb your pet’s schedule. When pets sense a flux in their routine, their anxiety level rises.

So, feed them in their favorite bowl and take them for regular walks to keep them entertained. Play with them when you are done packing for the day and show them a little affection from time to time.

 Pay A Visit To Your Vet
Amidst all the commotion, remember to visit the vet for a thorough check-up. A veterinarian knows everything about behavioral changes in pets. They can guide you on how best to cope with the situation and help them feel relaxed on moving day. The vet will also prescribe calming supplements to soothe your pet if necessary. Paying a visit to the vet weeks before the moving day gives you one less thing to worry about.

Moving with Pets
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Tips for Moving Day
Preparing your pet before moving helps keep their stress level down, but on the shifting day, you need to make sure things remain the same.

 Keep Them Away From the Action
On the moving day, you will become the busiest person on Earth. With boxes being transferred to the loading van, furniture gathered on the front porch, and making sure nothing is left behind, you won’t have a minute to spare. This situation can affect your pet mentally and physically as well.

 So, on the big day, give them a small clear corner where they can retreat whenever they feel stressed out. An empty room or maybe the kitchen area where you can keep an eye on them while you handle the boxes can be that corner.
 You can send them to a trusted friend who can give them a walk till you are all set to move out.
 You can also kennel them for the day. Put them in their carrier or kennel and place it in the backseat of your car. But make sure they are safe in there and occasionally give them a sneak peek. That might cheer them up!

 Pack An Emergency Pet Kit
Preparing an overnight emergency kit for your pet should be the first thing on your mind. After all, finding tasty snacks for your pet while you are on the road does not sound appropriate at all. So, place your pet’s belonging in a bag, including their favorite food, toys, treats, paper towels, blanket, and other stuff.

 Keep Them Safe during Trip
After everything gets loaded into the moving van, make sure your pet, along with the carrier, is comfortably accommodated in the backseat. If you sense your pet is anxious, put a blanket over the cage. This is a useful trick, especially if you have birds as your pet.

Arriving At Your New Home
After you have finally made it to your new home, don’t let your pet out of their kennel or carrier immediately. A new place is unfamiliar for your pet. So, first, set a place for your pet by putting up their basket and blanket. Put some treats to help them get familiar with the spot.
As soon as they feel settled, let them explore the house. Give them lots of affection and treats and be playful with them. This will give them a homely feel, and they will start adapting to their new surroundings.