How To Find Great Apartment And Condo Movers?

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Planning about moving out of your current apartment? Although this part of life can be exciting because of the prospect of new opportunities, it can be quite stressful as well, and thus it is important to take up any help that one can get. Luckily for you, you can take help from apartment moving services to make your move organized and comfortable as they have years of expertise in this field. But you can only expect good results when you hire the right movers for the job.

Read further for a step-by-step guide on how you can find the apartment and condo right movers that will cater to all the needs of your big move.


Apartment vs. House Moving

The challenges of moving in and out of any rental property differ vastly from those of moving out of a home you own, as there are many things to traverse around when it comes to apartments and condos.

First off, you might need to consider the fact that you will be dealing with a lot of stairs when moving your things in or out of an apartment, especially if you reside in or are moving to an upstairs unit. Secondly, apartment buildings are busy places, and your movers will have to consider other people in the area when working around them.


Finding the Right Movers

Many professional movers offer apartment or rental moves. However, you should research and get in touch with companies that specialize in apartment and condo moving services and moving from state to state if your new destination is in another state. For most movers, dealing with moving things up and down the stairs is not much of a hassle, and ideally but it is advised to work with a local company that is trustworthy and well-known in the area.


To make things easier for you, here are a few tips that will help you shortlist and cut down on research time:

  • Ask friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues for recommendations. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most reliable since they require personal experience.


  • Read ratings, reviews, and testimonials about your preferred moving companies online. Sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), MyMovingReviews, and even social media platforms such as Facebook will be of great help to you. Focus more on the detailed reviews rather than the ratings to gain more authentic information. Additionally, read the complaints as well and pay attention to how the company has responded to them.


  • If possible, get references from past customers; get in touch with them to see how satisfied they were with the movers, and ask about any challenges they may have faced.


  • Any professional business interested in exemplary customer service has a well-developed website. Some things to look out for are whether the website is organized, has contact numbers and physical addresses listed on it, and whether the company belongs to some renowned organization or not. If the website looks dodgy or untrustworthy, it is best to cross off the company from your list.


The next Step is Contacting The Moving Company.

After conducting the background research, it is best to contact the moving company to get a feel of their work ethic. Some important questions you must ask are:


  • What is the estimated quote for the moving process? Is the amount guaranteed, or can there be fluctuations in the final estimate?
  • What are the things inclusive or exclusive of the price?
  • How many people will be assigned to help with the move?
  • How long will the move take?
  • Does the company own its own trucks?
  • Is there only one moving crew, or are there multiple teams assigned?
  • What is the paperwork that will need to be attested?
  • Does the company have all the required licenses?


Making the Final Decision

After speaking to the moving companies, you might still be a little conflicted about which one you should opt for. After knowing each mover’s financial estimate, you can compare the costs and weigh which one will best match your budget.

Thus, whichever company files down to your financial domain, has the expertise to handle the job, and prefers working according to your requirements will probably be the one you should go for!

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The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

Although movers can be of great help, there are still some things you have to take care of by yourself. Thus, we have devised a tenant move-out checklist to make sure you have all bases covered each time you decide to change places.

  • Sort through all your belongings and pack them neatly in boxes with proper labels to make sure everything is organized and ready to go—this will help you at the time of unpacking as well.
  • Give your landlord a notice beforehand. Each property has a different moving-out procedure, so make sure everyone is on the same page on the main day.
  • Clean your apartment thoroughly, as leaving the apartment in bad condition will only add to your cost. To make sure you receive your security deposit, fix any damage and document the ones that you are not responsible for.
  • Try to get rid of any items you do not plan on taking with you. You can donate these items to the nearest shelter, offer them to people you know who might need them, or even sell them online – this will not only help you save the hassle of moving but money as well.
  • Pay all your monthly bills on time to prevent any sort of monetary backlash in your new location.

To make sure that your moving company can work without any hindrance, you should either obtain the landlord’s permission or let them know beforehand that you are planning to take help from movers.


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